About Me

Welcome to my website. Here you will find a nice selection of my images so that you can begin to appreciate the quality of the photographs that I will produce for you.

A little about myself, and why I’m so motivated to capture great images…

In my career so far, I have worked in and managed Quality Health Clubs, and most recently I have been a teacher at Cotham School in Bristol. Photography has increasingly taken over, and now I am enjoying being a full time professional photographer. 

Whilst teaching, I especially enjoyed spending time with the children out of the classroom on a huge range of school trips and Outdoor activities. I have a genuine love for seeing young people grow up, and to be able to capture great images over the years is such a joy. I love travelling and capturing pictures of people in amazing places and I have taken great photographs in Indonesia, Paris, Florence, Vienna, New York, and Venice. 

A significant part of my role at school has been working with the outdoor programme. I’m a qualified Mountain Leader and for many years I have been actively involved with the Duke of Edinburgh program, and preparing our 6th formers for the incredible Ten Tors event on Dartmoor. 

On all these trips, visits, and experiences my camera has been a well utilized companion. In using it so regularly in a huge range of locations, I have developed the confidence to know I can capture magic moments. I look forward to doing this for you.

With photography, I feel privileged to have the talent to capture moments in time. For the last 10 years especially, I have been gradually buying professional photographic equipment and using it to capture fantastic images. I love the fact that with the best equipment you can freeze beautiful moments, these can preserve the moment and allow you to enjoy really meaningful memories. Printing these quality images, and either displaying them on your walls, or in quality books or albums allows you to share this joy on a daily basis, and enjoy the moment for years to come.